St. Vincent. (Phone wound up rotating the pic automatically for some reason, but I kinda like it.)

This is more of my work performed in indentured servitude to Simon Roy. I kid, I kid. I’ve been trying to work on my pen style. It’s actually been a while since I’ve hatched a hatch, and a few weeks since I worked on this mother. I like it better now, but I’m particular. I like to get in a groove where I’m feelin’ all the lines I’m putting down, just feelin’ that nib digging into the paper in just the right way. Anyways, here’s this.
This particular scene won’t be in the finished comic, but I liked doodling on it in my own time, changing the progression and adding/taking away visual information.
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(via Spooky Action At A Distance 2: Pretty Deadly and Sex Criminals)

The second episode of my ultra-awesome comic book podcast, in which I review Pretty Deadly and Sex Criminals. GET INTO IT!
More gratuitous ‘gramming.
Klaus Janson, everyone’s inking hero.